Fluidised bed incinerator

Combined processing of sludge and solid waste

Indaver and Veolia have opted for the sustainable, safe processing of non-recoverable waste and sludge. SLECO’s fluidised bed plant is part of a future-oriented waste policy and offers a:

  • solution to the shortage of sludge incineration capacity
  • a solution for solid industrial waste that can no longer be dumped in landfills.

The SLECO fluidised bed plant is the Best Available Technology for the combined processing of sludge and solid waste. The plant consists of three identical incinerator lines and treats approximately 600 000 tonnes per year. It is the biggest installation of this type in Europe.


In 2006 Veolia Belux  and Indaver founded the joint venture SLECO for the management and operation of the three fluidized bed incinerators and turbines on the  site in Doel. 

Solution for sludge and solid waste

SLECO uses fluidised bed incinerators to treat non-recyclable  waste and sludge from industries and water purification.  The energy from the incineration is converted into steam and electricity.