Solid waste

Trucks drive into the roofed dumping store. They deliver the solid waste in bulk. These waste products are too big to be fed directly into the furnace  and are first treated in a pre-treatment installation.

Two identical production lines each with 2 shredders and 2 overhead magnets reduce and de-iron the delivered waste. Afterwards the material ends up on a communal conveyor belt, where it will be de-ironed again before it is transported to the waste bunker. 

The pre-treated waste streams are unloaded directly  into one of the six tipping apertures next to the waste bunker. The waste is taken to one of the three feed chutes using a grab crane. Large twin screws and a chain conveyor system feed the waste into the furnace.


Trucks dump the sludge into one of the three sludge bunkers. A semi-automatic crane is used for mixing and feeding the sludge silo, from where the sludge is pumped into the furnaces.