Mass balance

The mass balance for the fluidised bed incinerators shows the relationship between the incoming waste and the outgoing residues and emissions.


The pie chart gives a visual presentation of the average annual performance for relevant emissions from the fluidised bed incinerators with respect to the average daily standard. The results show that SLECO amply complies with the legal standard for each permit parameter


Dioxins are only present in flue gases in very small concentrations.
This means that large volumes of gas must be sampled and that advanced techniques are needed for chemical analysis. This is why continuous measurement of dioxins (as used for the other pollutants present in flue gases) is not possible.
When determining dioxins, a distinction is made between discontinuous measurement (2 x per year is mandatory) and continuous measurement based on 2-weekly analysis.
The graph shows the result of the average annual concentration of emitted dioxins